Welcome To Vaisakhi Mela 2015

Vaisakhi Mela 2015 will be presented by CMD (Canadian Multicultural Development), IWEB GUY, ACE Ent. & Media Group and Sabrang Radio.

For many 1000's of years, April has been the time when farmers have put their sickles to harvest and collected the precious life saving crops. In the countryside, during this time, the fragrance of the...

The Importance of Vaisakhi

For people in northern parts of India, especially the Sikhs, Vaisakhi is a mega event - it is a new year day, harvest and religious festival all rolled into one. In April, this day marks the beginning of the solar New Year. In fact, this day is celebrated all over the country as New Year day, under different names. Punjabis assign quite a different meaning to Vaisakhi, and if you happen to be in any...

Highlights of the Show

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